Logo design brief online.

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Does your business relate to non-profit organizations, tech startups or the state?
1. The essence of the brand (the main idea / mission of the product)? Geography. The current market situation in your area.
2. Your main competitors.
(name, website, strengths and weaknesses of a competitor regarding your product / brand)
3. Describe the target audience
4. What is a product (product / service)?
5. Core product values (rational and / or emotional)?
6. Describe the consumption scenario of your product.
7. Price and status characteristics of your product.
Why would a consumer want to pay such a price?
8. The name of the company or what should be written on the logo (if the font should be on the logo)? Will a descriptor (byline) go to it?
9. What image and character of the product should be formed?
Strong, modern, tech etc.
10. What images and solutions, in your opinion, are unacceptable for use and why?
11. Are there any restrictions on the colors (and their number) for the logo?
12. Contact points and carriers. Where will your logo most often be seen by the consumer?
13. Are you ready to purchase a font license?
The price of commercial use of fonts averages $ 15-60 per style. For example, look at the myfonts.com
14. Comment
What do we need to know to make the project better?
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